@BbeS Changing to @BryanSCoe on November 14, 2014

@BbeS ---> @BryanSCoe Nov-14-2014Now that our merger is complete. We’ll be operating under the Scheffey Integrated Marketing name. That means we’ll be tweeting under @Scheffey. The official Blackbird e-Solutions Twitter account will now be managed solely by our founder Bryan Coe. Bryan will merge his personal account into @BbeS  and change the name to @BryanSCoe.  The old personal account will then become @BryanSCoe1. If you follow @BbeS on Twitter have no fear, you won’t have to do anything to continue following Tweets from Bryan. If you are following @BryanSCoe please switch over to @BbeS by 11/14/14, after that the personal account will change to @BryanSCoe1.


Blackbird e-Solutions Announces Merger with Scheffey Integrated Marketing

Lancaster, PA (October 2, 2014) – Blackbird e-Solutions, LLC and Scheffey Integrated Marketing announce a merger between the two marketing companies. The strategic collaboration provides enhanced services to clients of both businesses spanning from traditional and digital marketing and advertising to social media, public relations, website development and creative services.

Scheffey Integrated Marketing’s roots date back to 1990 when they started as a traditional marketing agency. Today, with their on-staff expertise and experience in marketing planning, strategic consulting, sales integration, media planning, design & copywriting, web development, public relations and social media. Blackbird e-Solutions becomes the perfect complement of services as digital marketing continues to play a growing role in the marketing industry.

Bryan Coe Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur

Bryan Coe: Digital Marketer and Founder of Blackbird e-Solutions

Blackbird e-Solutions founder, Bryan Coe, joins the Scheffey team as Digital Marketing Strategist bringing 10 years of expertise in online marketing, localization, SEO, social media, web advertising and analytics.

“Digital marketing strategy touches many aspects of the marketing world and will continue to be a driving force in the industry,” said Bryan Coe, founder of Blackbird e-Solutions, LLC. “Joining forces with Scheffey creates an opportunity to grow in this space and better serve both our clients by presenting them with greater services and demonstrating positive ROI.”

“The digital world continues to impact marketing, customer and client engagement and our culture more and more every day,” said Scott Scheffey, President and Strategic Director, Scheffey Integrated Marketing. “Merging the two businesses allows us to provide a more robust portfolio of marketing services to engage our client’s customers, generate better leads and build stronger relationships.”

The businesses will operate under the name of Scheffey Integrated Marketing and will be housed at the Scheffey location in downtown Lancaster.

About Scheffey Integrated Marketing

scheffey integrated marketingScheffey Integrated Marketing is a marketing communications firm whose mission is to strengthen clients’ organizations and brands by offering ideas and tools that drive sales and profitability.  Headquartered in Lancaster, PA, the fully integrated company specializes in marketing, creative, web development, digital marketing, social media, public relations and media – all working together. For more information on Scheffey, please visit www.scheffey.com.

LinkedIn Adds Visual Network Mapping Tool – InMaps

LinkedIn recently launched a new feature called InMaps. With the new feature you can visualize your connections to see how they are connected to each other, where the hubs are and how your connections are related. All of this helps you better understand your relationship with your professional network. You might be surprised how some of your connections know each other. You can see my InMap below.


Your connections are be grouped together by the way you know each connection. This could be an employer, previous employer or a university where you studied. Each connection is represented with a circle. Larger circles and names represent the most connected members. As you look over your network you’ll be able to determine where the most influential hubs and people are. This gives insight into who to contact when you are looking for a job, looking to hire, help out a friend and much more.

Check out the video below for a quick demo.