Facebook Public Pages / Profiles

Facebook has become an internet phenomenon as the world embraces online social networking. The fact that Facebook is viral by nature and the number of people using it make it a great platform to help expand your reach and exposure. Here are some statistics about Facebook usage:

  • Faceboook now has over 1 billion users.
  • About 50% of active useres log on to Facebook each day.
  • The avg. user is connected to 80 pages, groups and events.
  • People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.

Facebook LogoWe can help you take advantage of this sensation by creating a Facebook Public Profile.

We’ll Create Branded Public Profiles For Your Company.

Our creative team can develop a branded Facebook Business Public Profile/Page for your company, or individual Pages for your various products and brands. We will work with you to generate new content or we can use your company’s current marketing materials and website to create it for you. Facebook Public Profiles help you generate brand awareness, help you better communicate with clients, as well as build relationships with them. The viral nature of social networking can help you build a strong presence for your company or brand, collect and communicate with fans, provide discussion forums, engage users with multimedia presentations and announce events.

 Need To Spread The Word? Use a Facebook Public Page.

Using Facebook Business Profiles takes word of mouth to a whole new level! Think about it. If you engage your customers, they will tell their friends, and they will tell their friends… Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. Setting up camp on Facebook also creates new avenues for new customer acquisition, providing an opportunity to find customers you may not have discovered otherwise. Your business profile will become another inception point that can be leveraged to entice consumer engagement with your brand, your products or your services. Furthermore, Facebook Public Profiles act as a portal driving traffic to your website.

Officially we are talking about “Facebook Public Profiles”, however many people, including Facebook, refer to them as “Facebook Pages.”

 Now You’ve Read About Facebook Public Profiles for Business.

How about a look at some examples (click on the links or images to see more):

Protocall Staffing Facebook Public Profile


Blackbird e-Solutions

Target’s Facebook Public Profile
Best Buy’s Facebook Public Profile