Blackbird e-Solutions Announces Facebook Page Development Services Official Launch

February 4, 2009 – Lancaster, PA:

Blackbird e-Solutions launches Facebook Page Development services to help clients take advantage of the rising trend in customer relations: Social Networking. Businesses can use Facebook Pages to promote brand awareness and drive traffic to their company websites.

“Right now traditional marketing is stumbling because people are tired of being sold to and tired of companies pushing products on them,” comments Bryan Coe President of Blackbird e-Solutions. “They want dialog and interaction. They want to see what other people are saying about products and companies and they want a voice. Facebook Pages give businesses the tools to do this.”

The Blackbird e-Solutions’ creative team can develop branded Facebook Pages for businesses by generating new content, or by using their current marketing materials and website. With viral nature of social networking helps companies build a strong presence for the company or brand, collect and communicate with fans, provide discussion forums, engage users with multimedia presentations, and announce events.

“We’re really excited to offer the new service to our clients and believe that with this tool we can help the better reach their customers,” says Bryan Coe.

Some people consider “social networking” a fad, but really interactions like this have been going on ever since… well, since people formed societies. Networking sites like Facebook are just a new format.

A few reasons why your company needs a Facebook Page:

– Facebook is by nature viral.
-o As people become fans of your page, their friends see this and can follow. Then their friends see this, etc…
– You can add events to your page.
-o People can than click to show that they will attend
– You can have your blog post to your page.
-o People can see the updates from your company blog/s and click on the links to go to your company site and read more.
– You can post photos and videos to your page
-o You can post photos/video from company events
– You can set up polls on your pages
-o This is a quick way to get the opinions of your company’s fans.
– Everything on your page can be used to drive visitors to your company website.
– Plus more..

Get Your Page Now and Save Money!

Normally we charge $750 for a standard page.

The first 5 companies to sign for development of a Facebook Page will receive a $100 discount the next five will receive a $50 discount!

This is a limited time launch special, so fill out the form now to take advantage. Offer expires February 15th!

Or call us at 888-812-1227 to speak with a representative. Make sure you mention this post.

The fact is many of your clients and competitors, as well as their clients, are already using Facebook Pages. Can your company afford to miss out?


Sign up for your page now and save!



This information will strictly be used for the Facebook Development Launch Special. Blackbird e-solutions hates spam too, so the information gathered will not be sold, traded or shared.

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