Facebook Company Profile Not Visible to Public When Using Country Restrictions

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Last week one of my clients Protocall Staffing (A staffing company serving southern and central NJ as well as southeast PA) discovered that their Facebook Company Profile was not visible to the public anymore. In order to view their company page you needed to be signed into Facebook. Previously it didn’t matter if you were logged in or not, you could still view the page. When I did some digging I discovered that the reason was the country restriction. Presumably this restriction was put in place because they are using people’s profile information to restrict access.


When we originally set up the company profile, we decided to set a restriction so that only people from the USA could see the page, as the company only operates in the USA. The restriction was definitely the culprit and now without it people can now view the page whether they are logged into Facebook or not.


I’m not sure when Facebook made the change, but I’m positive that this wasn’t the case when we originally set up the profile. Anyone else have some info on this?

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