Website Development Sneak Peek: The Protocall Group

Sometime ago, it seems like forever, I wrote a post called: A Holistic Approach to Web Development, SEO, Social Media – Website Development for The Protocall Group. The post was about the website development project that we were starting with our long term client Protocall Staffing, now The Protocall Group.

With the development of the new website, we will be able to streamline Protocall’s overall online presence by better linking it with their social media properties on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn andGoogle+. The social media properties will not simply be profiles and pages on various platforms, but extensions of their website where they can engage employment candidates as well as clients.

Working with Protocall has been an exciting journey that  helped us become very intimate with the inner process of the company. Like any project, there have been a few hiccups along, but today we were ready for the soft launch of the new site which was released to internal Protocall employees today at 4pm EST.

After we get feed back and then approval from Protocall’s department heads and ownership, we’ll be ready for the full launch.

We didn’t want anyone to feel left out, so here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming.

Check out the images below:

The Home Page

Protocall Group Home page sneak peek

About the Protocall Group

About the Protocall Group sneak peek

Division Logos

Protocall Group Division Logos


Protocall Group division menus

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