German/English Translators: Sammelaktion: Bulk Action vs Batch Process

I first came across Sammelaktion translating.editing a ERP software package. The previous translator used the translation collective action.

Upcoming Webinars From – The Translation Workplace

Webinars on different topics of interest to those in translation industry.

5,000 Words: The Life of a Freelance Translator

This is a song about the life of a freelance translator. For those of you that might not know, 5,000 words is a very respectable number of words for a days work.

How important is marketing content localization to increase visibility

First impressions are very important and if the reader doesn’t understand the message because of poor language, they are not going to believe that you can provide them with a superior product.

Localize and Improve Your Sales

many companies don’t localize things such as software, websites or manuals. I’m sure most of us have gone through the frustration of trying to assemble or configure a new product and not been able to understand the instructions.

Native English Speakers In Demand

It seems that the EU is having difficulties with finding enough Native English speakers for interpretation and translation.. ..’If we don’t do something very soon, there will be more
and more non-native English speakers obliged to interpret into English,’

Automated Translation: What Every Translator Fears

Currently the translation industry is estimated to be $14 billion according to research and consulting firm.. ..they estimate untapped markets that could reach a value of more than $67.5 billion.

Home Sweet Home: A Mother’s Guide to a Career at Home as a Translator

The article by Joanna Diez focuses on the important aspects of working as a translator at a home based office. This will be a short guide to this job for translators, who have children and who, realistically speaking, are mostly women and mothers.

Blackbird e-Solutions Featured in Lancaster Chamber Newsletter, Again!

Blackbird e-Solutions Featured in Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, for Localization Services provided for Hamilton Precision Metals

China Seeks Gold Medal in Language Services

With the lead up to the Olympic Games in China the Bejing Olympic Planning committee is ramping up it’s efforts regarding regarding language issues.