Our Week in Twitter 2012-09-20

SEO Tip: When building a new website use Excel create a site map that includes directories, title tags, page description, and keywords. 2012-09-14 "And another one's gone, and another one's gone.." And another one's off my list. Half way to this quarter's goal! 2012-09-14 Our Week in Twitter 2012-09-13 http://t.co/1pANOT6j | e-Life 2012-09-14 Rainy day […]

Our Week in Twitter 2012-09-13

Don’t Fall for Automated Reputation Management Services http://t.co/VtRXuTAY | e-Life 2012-09-07 Pssst, hey you… lot's of exciting stuff happening over here. Follow our blog for the latest news. http://t.co/mieoAlNg 2012-09-07 Are you tracking the performance? Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Website Analytics http://t.co/Pybp3Uhj 2012-09-07 Our Week in Twitter 2012-09-06 http://t.co/mOyZz6KH | […]

Our Week in Twitter 2012-09-06

Anyone using About.me? Do you find it better than having your own website? Do you also have a website? 2012-08-31 Agreed! RT @chrisbrogan: BTW, it's SO fun watching the spreadsheet from that google form fill up in real time. : ) 2012-08-31 Woohoo! Just won Barnstormer Tickets from the Harrisburg International Airport. Thanks @hiaairport! 2012-08-31 […]

Our Week in Twitter 2012-08-30

TGIF! What do you have planned for the weekend? 2012-08-24 @TheJonMartin Nice! Have fun and don't spend too much. We always come home with more than we planned. Lol in reply to TheJonMartin 2012-08-24 .@hiaairport I'm heading to the shore for some R&R in reply to HIAairport 2012-08-24 Transfer Google+ connections between accounts http://t.co/VUntmgga Google+ […]

Our Week in Twitter 2012-04-22

Our Week in Twitter 2012-04-15 http://t.co/97YULOT7 | e-Life 2012-04-16 I always find it interesting when companies that specialize in SEO can't be found in search with their company name… 2012-04-16 Why It Pays to Pay Attention to Pinterest http://t.co/k0xsdxFs Do you use Pinterest? 2012-04-18 Got Deutsch? http://t.co/1jIPwtGB Don't forget Netzwerk Central PA Stammtisch tonight 7pm […]

Our Week in Twitter 2012-04-15

Our Week in Twitter 2012-04-08 http://t.co/3AH7DQ9Q | e-Life 2012-04-09 What do you think of @Facebook buying @Instagram? 2012-04-09 Nice! Lunch and learn with, swag and heading to NYC for a paid search training session tomorrow. Thanks @Yahoo! 2012-04-11 Exciting day ahead! Heading to @Yahoo NYC for a closed session workshop about #Search & MS adCenter […]

Our Week in Twitter 2012-04-08

Our Week in Twitter 2012-04-01 http://t.co/grbWB6rG | e-Life 2012-04-02 Introducing the Google Fiber Bar http://t.co/RykyqAFv Google has revolutionized preventative healthcare. 2012-04-02 And we are your peons πŸ˜‰ | RT @5haunf: like a boss. Or mayor… (@PrinceStreet Cafe w/ @BbeS @TheBestDiehl) http://t.co/CkmxgPkv in reply to 5haunF 2012-04-02 Microsoft Advertising Takes Aim at AdWords – Adds adCenter […]

Our Week in Twitter 2012-04-01

Our Week in Twitter 2012-03-25 http://t.co/QOUAFR6d | e-Life 2012-03-26 How to be proactive with social media http://t.co/Z7B3RnDe Ford Taps Social Media for Customer Service 2012-03-28 Don't know anyone good to creep? Creep on yourself! http://t.co/JWni4WOG Google adds Account Activity 2012-03-28 @odonnellsteve Why do you wash them??? in reply to odonnellsteve 2012-03-28 Did the @twitter founders […]

Our Week in Twitter 2012-03-25

Our Week in Twitter 2012-03-18 http://t.co/ms3bCcRd | e-Life 2012-03-19 The Benefits of Bilingualism http://t.co/wiXjQlDe Two is better then one. 2012-03-19 Hey @beck_jill meet my sis @DACMeyer She's also a teacher & looking 4 insight on using twitter 4 class. Thought you could help 2012-03-19 @beck_jill @DACMeyer Thanks Jill! in reply to beck_jill 2012-03-19 Woohoo! Google […]

Our Week in Twitter 2012-03-18

Our Week in Twitter 2012-03-11 http://t.co/nwQ6t5iw | e-Life 2012-03-12 @pammktgnut Oh well, at least you had good intentions. πŸ˜‰ in reply to PamMktgNut 2012-03-12 Survey Paradox: People Like Google But Not What It's Doing http://t.co/b57u74Qg Does this mean a troubled future for Google? 2012-03-12 *Breaking News: As the inability to create great products becomes widespread, […]