Facebook Thinks I Should Subscribe to MySpace?

Ok, not really MySpace, but one of the creators of MySpace; Tom Anderson. With Facebook’s new subscribe feature You can subscribe to people’s updates without being friends. This is a clear reaction to Twitter and Google+. So not only does Facebook serve up friend suggestions, but now who you should subscribe to. You can control […]

Facebook Updates Privacy Controls: Streamlines Inline Privacy Control

“New: Control privacy inline – when you post or after.” With Google’s new Google+ network Facebook has been forced to look at their privacy setting and tools again. Their reaction has been to update how you can control your privacy settings. Below is a quick pictorial tour of how the new tool works.   Who […]

Does Your Company Need a Social Networking Policy?

Social Media in the Workplace Do You Need a Social Networking Policy by Jeannine Hohman, HR Strategist, TriStarr Staffing Today’s employers are faced with many challenges, including managing a multi-generational workforce. Employees come from many backgrounds, cultures and the generations may span between World War II (born before 1940) and Baby Boomer (born 1941 – […]

A Scathing Article About Apple, Google and EBay – But is it Wrong?

I just read an article over on the Forbes.com site titled: Why Apple, Google And EBay Will Slash And Burn Investors. At first glance you might think it is just a bit of sensationalism intended to get pageviews. OK, maybe the title is, but then again you need a good title to get people interested.  […]

How to Schedule Bulk Twitter & Facebook Posts with Hootsuite

I’m definitely not a believer in bots, or that you should solely use a scheduler for your Twitter or Facebook profile, because after all it’s about engaging not spitting out automated updates. However, sometimes automation is a great thing. I run a website for soccer enthusiasts in Central Pennsylvania called CentralPASoccer.com and every week we […]

Facebook Company Profile Not Visible to Public When Using Country Restrictions

Last week one of my clients Protocall Staffing (A staffing company serving southern and central NJ as well as southeast PA) discovered that their Facebook Company Profile was not visible to the public anymore. In order to view their company page you needed to be signed into Facebook. Previously it didn’t matter if you were […]

How To: Set a Customized URL for Your Facebook Business Profile

I had a few people ask me recently how to get a personalized URL for their company page on Facebook, so I thought a I’d do a quick post about how to do it. So here goes. Before you start, some words of warning. You need to have at least 25 likes to claim your […]

Wondering About the Cost of Social Media? Think: “Time is Money”

Their is a misconception among a lot of businesses and business owners that Social Media is free. When I come across people that believe this, I try to explain to them that even though many of the tools and platforms are free, using the free tools correctly is not. The old adage always comes to […]

Google +1 and the Social Graph

First there was Google Wave. Then there was Google Buzz. Now we have Google +1. Google’s attempts to break into the social space have been less than extraordinary. But, out of the 3 I believe this one has the best chance to make it. Many people are comparing Google’s +1 to the Facebook Like Button.  […]

Facebook Personal Profiles vs. Business Pages – You’re Doing it Wrong

You’ve Been Warned! There has been a lot of talk recently about personal profiles versus public or business profiles. I’ve noticed a lot discussions popping up about converting personal profiles that people set up for a business to a business page. The buzz was presumably started by the fact that Facebook has been going through […]