Our Week in Twitter 2012-09-13

Don’t Fall for Automated Reputation Management Services http://t.co/VtRXuTAY | e-Life 2012-09-07 Pssst, hey you… lot's of exciting stuff happening over here. Follow our blog for the latest news. http://t.co/mieoAlNg 2012-09-07 Are you tracking the performance? Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Website Analytics http://t.co/Pybp3Uhj 2012-09-07 Our Week in Twitter 2012-09-06 http://t.co/mOyZz6KH | […]

Our Week in Twitter 2012-09-06

Anyone using About.me? Do you find it better than having your own website? Do you also have a website? 2012-08-31 Agreed! RT @chrisbrogan: BTW, it's SO fun watching the spreadsheet from that google form fill up in real time. : ) 2012-08-31 Woohoo! Just won Barnstormer Tickets from the Harrisburg International Airport. Thanks @hiaairport! 2012-08-31 […]

Our Week in Twitter 2012-08-30

TGIF! What do you have planned for the weekend? 2012-08-24 @TheJonMartin Nice! Have fun and don't spend too much. We always come home with more than we planned. Lol in reply to TheJonMartin 2012-08-24 .@hiaairport I'm heading to the shore for some R&R in reply to HIAairport 2012-08-24 Transfer Google+ connections between accounts http://t.co/VUntmgga Google+ […]

SEO is Not Dead, It’s Evolving

I came across a LinkedIn discussion today about SEO and if it is dying. Oddly enough I actually just had a discussion about this earlier today. I’ve paraphrased my comment below, but you view the full discussion over on LinkedIn. The thing is People have been predicting that SEO is dead for years, but just […]

HootSuite Users Can Now Use HootSuite to Manage Their Google+ Pages

After asking and asking and well… asking again, HootSuite users can now use HootSuiite to manage their Google+ pages! HootSuite is an online dashboard that allows people manage multiple social media accounts as well as work with teams. When working with a team you can do such things as assign tweets to your team members, […]

Employers: You Might Not Be Able to Demand Access to Employee’s Social Media Accounts

On June 18, 2012 the PA House of Representatives introduced Bill 2332, also known as – PA’s Social Media Privacy Protection Act. The bill is meant deter employers from requesting social media passwords and access to personal social media accounts of employees and prospective employees. Employers are still able to view and use what is found […]

Is “Social Media” More Important Than “SEO”?

Today another local marketing firm post an interesting statistic on Facebook. It was about the graph below where Google Trends shows how “social media” is now search on more than SEO and they implied that because of this, we should be spending our money on social media instead of SEO. Although this is an interesting […]

Our Week in Twitter 2012-04-22

Our Week in Twitter 2012-04-15 http://t.co/97YULOT7 | e-Life 2012-04-16 I always find it interesting when companies that specialize in SEO can't be found in search with their company name… 2012-04-16 Why It Pays to Pay Attention to Pinterest http://t.co/k0xsdxFs Do you use Pinterest? 2012-04-18 Got Deutsch? http://t.co/1jIPwtGB Don't forget Netzwerk Central PA Stammtisch tonight 7pm […]

Our Week in Twitter 2012-04-15

Our Week in Twitter 2012-04-08 http://t.co/3AH7DQ9Q | e-Life 2012-04-09 What do you think of @Facebook buying @Instagram? 2012-04-09 Nice! Lunch and learn with, swag and heading to NYC for a paid search training session tomorrow. Thanks @Yahoo! 2012-04-11 Exciting day ahead! Heading to @Yahoo NYC for a closed session workshop about #Search & MS adCenter […]

Our Week in Twitter 2012-04-08

Our Week in Twitter 2012-04-01 http://t.co/grbWB6rG | e-Life 2012-04-02 Introducing the Google Fiber Bar http://t.co/RykyqAFv Google has revolutionized preventative healthcare. 2012-04-02 And we are your peons 😉 | RT @5haunf: like a boss. Or mayor… (@PrinceStreet Cafe w/ @BbeS @TheBestDiehl) http://t.co/CkmxgPkv in reply to 5haunF 2012-04-02 Microsoft Advertising Takes Aim at AdWords – Adds adCenter […]