@BbeS – The Official Twitter Profile for Blackbird e-Solutions

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2012 has bee a good year for us and we are on target for more growth in the 4th quarter. With growth comes change. One of the changes is how we use Twitter.

As an entrepreneur and founder of Blackbird e-Solutions, my name is attached to the company and many of the tools we use. Twitter is a good example. We will be removing my name (Bryan Coe) from the @BbeS profile, our official company profile, and changing it to BlackbirdE-Solutions. As well as updating the profile avatar.

The name  may look a little strange, but unfortunately there is a limit to the number of characters and put a space between the “d” and “e” means we have to cut off the “s” on the end.

Don’t Panic – the content of our Twitter stream and tweets you’ve grown to love will stay the same. It will just be under the company name instead of mine. You can also follow my personal account under @BryanSCoe as well as our soccer team @FCBlackbird.

FC Blackbird in Pole Position Heading in to Second Round

Our men’s soccer team heads into the second round of the spring session at the top of the table. Tonight they play the Spartans, which they defeated by 3 goals the first time around. Let’s make it two times!


Kick-off is 7:55. If you’re in East Petersburg stop in at Lanco Fieldhouse support the team!

FC Blackbird to Play in Keystone State Games March 6, 2010

We are entering our over 30 mens team in the Keystone State Games indoor soccer tournament again this year. In 2008 we won the bronze and in 2010 we took the Silver. We’re hoping to continue our success this year too! The tournament is played at the Lanco Field House in East Petersburg

For more info please visit our team site FC Blackbird – Keystone State Games – March 6th, 2011. Our first game is at 4:20. The tournament is always ahead of schedule, so follow us on Twitter @FCBlackbird and @BbeS for updates and game times.

Come out and support the team!

Looking for more info on the tournament? Check out Central PA Soccer

FC Blackbird to Play in Second Annual Be A Fan! Tournament

Be A Fan Tournament

We are entering a coed team in the 2nd annual Be a Fan! tournament. The tournament will be held on the 21st of August at Lanco Fieldhouse. Our games will be between 1pm-7pm. As soon as the schedule is out I’ll post it her and under Schedule. Come out and join us for the fun!

Check out the team site: FC Blackbird