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3pl for paid search keywords

Beware of Oversimplified Paid Search Advice

I recently had a client in the fulfillment niche that shared a post from one of his contacts on LinkedIn. The post was advice for Paid Search for 3PLs. (In case you don’t know 3PL stands for Third Party Logistics). The advice the connection gave was overly simplified and a

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ai vs human content - does openai really work?

Does OpenAI Really Work?

Everyone is talking about OpenAI. And many people have been saying that it will (and other AI platforms) will replace content creation and content sites. Testing OpenAI’s Ability to Write Helpful Content So this morning, I decided to give it a try for writing content related to soccer. From what

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mirror image impressions vs rank

Why is Ranking Dropping When My Impressions Increase?

This is a question that I often get from SEO clients. It is often difficult to pin down the exact reason why this is happening. The phenomenon of impressions going up but the average ranking drops seems very counter-intuitive. One would think if your site is getting more impressions it

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topcleas.com logo

We’ve Acquired TopCleats.com

I’m happy to announce that last week we completed a deal that allowed us to acquire the site Topcleats.com. Actually, the acquisition falls under our sister company Blackbird e-Ventures but Blackbird e-Solutions will be the operator of the site. This is an exciting shift in our business model. From the

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image optimization for seo

3 SEO Image Optimization Best Practices

Image optimization is one of the most commonly overlooked on-site optimization tactics. People forget that image can also drive traffic to their sites and make for a well rounded optimized page. What is SEO Image Optimization? SEO image optimization is the practice of making sure your images contain important information

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Found Bryan Coe Discusses Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager on the Digital Marketing Blueprint podcast

Founder Bryan Coe Discusses How To Leverage Analytics

Our founder, Bryan Coe, was recently featured in another podcast where he discussed how to leverage analytics, Google Tag Manager (GTM). The podcast was hosted by our friends over at The Digital Marketing Blueprint. Listen to the podcast Bryan Coe on The Digital Marketing Blueprint Key Takeaways How to leverage

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Google Ads Logo

Google Offers Google Ads Credits to Small Businesses

With the COVID-19 news, We Wanted to Give You Some Good News. Google is providing $340 million in Google Ads credits to small businesses, although it isn’t clear yet how much each company will get. Also, while this is not immediate relief, it will help ease the costs marketing this

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blog tags and categories

Do Blog Tags and Categories Help Your SEO?

I recently came across more content writers and marketers advocating to clients that they need to use blog tags and categories to help their SEO. Too many of them want to use a lot of tags. I mean LOTS of tags! They believe that simply adding blog tags and categories

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Google Search Quality Guidelines EAT

For E-A-Ts Sake! Create Better Content

Want to create better content? Then ask yourself the following questions when you’re writing: Am I providing the reader with a comprehensive answer to their question? Expertise Is my content more thorough than what’s already on the #1 page of the SERPs? Am I presenting the information in a trustworthy

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guest blogging is good for SEO

Guest Blogging – Digital Marketing Term of the Week

Guest Blogging or Guest Posting is when you post on another company’s blog. Typically the site is in a related or complementary industry. Guest blogging can be an effective way to get exposure for you and your company. It can also offer a good way to gain backlinks from authoratitive

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ai - artificial intelligence holding the world

Top 2 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

The new year always comes with new things. This year we decided to put together a short list, a very short list, of some of the most important digital marketing trends for 2020. So here goes! 1. Digital Intelligence We’ve done a lot of talking about “the digital transformation” in

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online marketing conversion funnel

Conversion Rate – Digital Marketing Term of the Week

Conversion Rate is the total number of actions taken (I.e. a form fill, download, newsletter signup, a purchase, etc.) on your website as compared to the total number of visits By developing a deep understanding of your conversion rate and what a conversion really means to you, you can build

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session diagram showing how sessions are defined

Sessions (Visits) – Digital Marketing Term of the Week

Sessions (also called Visits) are the number of times someone visits your site or app. An individual visitor can have multiple sessions/visits. Used in digital analytics. If a visitor comes to the site but then is inactive for 30 minutes the session/visit will automatically end. If they then click on

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