Content Marketing

Use engaging content to attract prospects 

social-media-democracyContent Marketing has quickly become an important part of online marketing. Using remarkable content to attract visitors is not a new concept; however it has now become part of a more holistic approach to online marketing. Content Marketing combines many different aspects of online marketing including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Paid Search and of course Website Analytics and Lead Tracking on the back end.

Finding the internal resources for success is challenging

Too many companies misunderstand the required time and energy develop and execute content marketing successfully. It can be a challenge for businesses to consistently produce fresh and relevant content that meets the their digital marketing strategy and drives demand, lead nurturing, marketing automation and ultimately their sales.

We create relevant and interesting content for our client’s target markets. Our consultants will help you set up a plan to develop and manage content and leads developed through this process. We also have expert copywriters that can write copy in an effective, timely and professional manner.

Content marketing with a plan

We do this by following a well defined content marketing strategy process:

  • Identify you target personas and buyer stages
  • Create a content map
  • Create and manage a content schedule
  • Perform copywriting for blog posts, white papers and eBooks
  • Present copy for review and approval
  • Create landing pages with a distinct call-to-action
  • Publish content
  • Promote your content via your website, email and social media
  • Deliver the analytics reporting to measure our success

We can help you get started or streamline your current content marketing efforts

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