Facebook Thinks I Should Subscribe to MySpace?

Ok, not really MySpace, but one of the creators of MySpace; Tom Anderson. With Facebook’s new subscribe feature You can subscribe to people’s updates without being friends. This is a clear reaction to Twitter and Google+. So not only does Facebook serve up friend suggestions, but now who you should subscribe to. You can control how your profile is setup and if you allow people to subscribe to your feed. (Post coming soon)

I remember Tom was the my first friend on MySpace. Well, I guess he was everyone’s first friend in fact. It’s even the same picture as was on MySpace.

I think it’s a bit funny Facebook would suggest the founder of it’s dying competitor, MySpace.

What do you think? Do you use the new subscribe feature? Who do you follow?

Social Media to Peak in 2012 – What’s Next?

Over on Read Write Web Richard MacManus posted an article claiming that Social Media Era Set to Peak in 2012

A couple of things that come to mind after reading this post.
1. Is Kistner saying that after the peak Social Media will die?
2. What’s next?

In my opinion social media is hot and the term is talked about and searched a lot, but just because the hottness wears off and the term becomes more common place doesn’t mean the death of it. As social media becomes more mainstream and more people understand it, it will be integrated into everyday life. People will simply use it like the cell phone, like email. Eventually something else will come along and take over the buzz. What will that be? What do you think will be the next “big thing”?

Worried About Your Facebook Privacy Settings? Help Has Arrived!

In reaction to Facebook’s new privacy policy many people questioning even dumping digital lives on Facebook. I even heard last week that a bunch of Google employees are leaving FB for this reason. Now MySpace, in an attempt to use FB’s new policies to their advantage have vowed to make their settings more transparent and they’ve announced that the default will be set to “only friends”: read more.

If you are confused about the new settings or you’re not sure how to deal with the privacy policies, there is help. ReclaimPrivacy.org has created an application that automatically and safely checks your privacy settings and gives you suggestions for ways to make them more secure. All you have to do is drag their bookmarklet into your bookmarks, login into FB and click the bookmark.

As for their privacy statement it’s short and sweet:

Our privacy policy is not long:

* we never see your Facebook data
* we never share your personal information

Simple. The scanner operates entirely within your own browser.