Google +1 and the Social Graph

First there was Google Wave. Then there was Google Buzz. Now we have Google +1. Google’s attempts to break into the social space have been less than extraordinary. But, out of the 3 I believe this one has the best chance to make it. Many people are comparing Google’s +1 to the Facebook Like Button.  […]

Facebook Updates Fan Pages

You may have noticed that there have been some changes to the fan pages. The layout now looks very much like personal profiles. Right now page owners can choose to upgrade to the new design, but on March 10th all pages will automatically be upgraded. Here are some of the new features: Receive notifications when […]

5 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Business

Social media marketing is a newcomer to the marketing scene and continues to be a hot topic. Many companies fail when they attempt to leverage it as a marketing tool. Often they just don’t understand what the potential of social media marketing really is. This list will help you see what it can do for […]

LinkedIn Adds Open Groups

LinkedIn has recently shifted their philosophy with groups. They have added the option to groups so that the group owners can set the group to a public group or “open group”. The move will allow conversations and posts in open groups to be easily shared throughout the internet. So, if you post something in an […]

The New Information Age and the Rise of the Marketing Technologist

In the last few years technology and the internet has changed the face of marketing from blogs, to videos, to social media platforms. You now have to understand a host of different types of technology to be able to market effectively. Check out this presentation it gives a good overview of the new type of […]

Why Do You Follow People/Businesses on Twitter?

People use Twitter for many different reasons. It could be just for fun, for business, for information or something else. We’re interested in why you use Twitter, and more specifically: Why do you choose to follow people/businesses on Twitter? Why do you follow people on Twitter?customer surveys

This is Why Facebook Went Down Yesterday.

Yesterday Facebook book was down for a number of hours and unstable for even longer. It seems that it was a glitch in one of their automated systems. Robert Johnson a Facebook engineer posted an explanation of what happened. Essentially they had to restart the entire network: Early today Facebook was down or unreachable […]