There’s No Hacking the New Facebook Pages Photo Bar

You may have noticed that Facebook recently upgraded their Pages. Actually the full upgrade will happen in March, but page admins have the option to upgrade now. Check out the changes to our page: Blackbird e-Solutions on Facebook. The new changes are meant to make pages look more like the new profiles that Facebook rolled out a few months ago. Many people discovered that there was a hack that you could do with the images at the top of their profile to make a bigger more interesting banner across the top. You can see some examples over at The bad news is it isn’t going to work for the new pages.

The five most recent photos that you have published or tagged your Page in are displayed randomly at the top of your Page. As a Page admin, you can prevent specific photos from appearing at the top of your Page. Remember: This row only contains photos you’ve posted or tagged your Page in; photos from people who like your Page won’t show up here.

We’ll see, maybe they will change this to match the personal profiles, so companies can be more creative when building their pages.

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  • Bela Merda

    LOL !nPeople can use it as a banner and professionals (pages) can’t!nBig FAIL !

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, seems a bit stupid that pages can’t do it. Maybe they will sort it out in the future.. I hope so!