Facebook Honors MySpace, Adds Mood To Posts

Out with the old, in with… no wait how does that goo? If you don’t have something new, use something old??

Anyway, Facebook has added a throw back to the MySpace mood. You remember MySpace right. “Bryan is feeling happy.. is feeling sad …feeling bored….”

add mood to facebook


Actually there’s a bit more to it too. You can post what you’re listening to, reading, watching and everyone’s favorites; What you’re eating and drinking.

facebook adds mood what you're eating and more

What do you think, good idea or just noise? 

Ready or Not Here They Come – Facebook Pages Get Timeline on March 30, 2012

You’ve probably seen or heard about timeline on Facebook’s personal profiles. As Facebook adapts to compete with  competitors such as the newest social media sweetheart Pinterest, they are now rolling out Timeline to pages as well. The change will officially happen on March 20, 2012, however you can also test it now.

Facebook timeline

There are quite a few changes to consider as you get ready for the change. Here are some of the main points.

1. The Administration Panel gets a refresh

The admin panel just got a lot more intuitive. You can now see notifications, new likes and insights at a quick glance in the admin panel  dashboard.

2. Have a favorite post? Now you can pin it to the top of your page’s Timeline

This is kind of a throwback to blogs and forums. You will now be able to pin your favorite posts to the top. This could be a great way to promote events.

3. Tabs Return – Default landing tabs disappear

Remember when Facebook Pages had tabs. Well they are coming back. They can be up to 760 pixels wide.  The other side of this is, Facebook is removing the default landing tab, so everyone will land on the Timeline. How will this effect how you use your page?

4. Photo, likes and apps, oh my! These will all be at the top.

Photos will always be in slot 1, but you can then pick and choose up to 12 apps to show under photos. This way you can show the apps that matter most to you. Also, similar to personal Timelines, you can add a cover photo. This could be your logo or any other picture that represents what your page is about.

5. Finally, message your fans directly

Now you can communicate with your fans directly. It’s about time for this one. This could definitely be helpful if you’re using your page for customer service. Instead of having to tell fans to contact you in some other way, you can do it directly within Facebook.

6. Stuck with a page name you don’t like? Now you can change it.

So, you made a mistake with your page’s name. Or maybe you changed the name of your company. It used to be that you had to create a new page to fix the name. Not anymore. Now you’ll be able to change the name of your page. Just use this link to Contact Facebook. Woohoo!

What do you think of the changes? Are they good or bad? Will they change the way you use your Facebook Page? Let’s here what you think.

Facebook Updates Privacy Controls: Streamlines Inline Privacy Control

“New: Control privacy inline – when you post or after.”

With Google’s new Google+ network Facebook has been forced to look at their privacy setting and tools again. Their reaction has been to update how you can control your privacy settings. Below is a quick pictorial tour of how the new tool works.

Facebook Privacy controls


Who you’re  hanging out with:  I suspect this is a reaction to circles and hangouts from Google+

Facebook privacy controls - who you're with


Add a location to your posts: This is similar to Twitter as well Google+.

Facebook privacy controls - location

Custom privacy controls: This is not new, but now you can change individual post settings after you post and the wording is changed slightly.

Facebook privacy controls - custom controls

Over all the improvements give you more control and make it easier for the typical user to control who sees their posts.

How do you use Facebook’s  privacy controls?

Facebook Company Profile Not Visible to Public When Using Country Restrictions

Last week one of my clients Protocall Staffing (A staffing company serving southern and central NJ as well as southeast PA) discovered that their Facebook Company Profile was not visible to the public anymore. In order to view their company page you needed to be signed into Facebook. Previously it didn’t matter if you were logged in or not, you could still view the page. When I did some digging I discovered that the reason was the country restriction. Presumably this restriction was put in place because they are using people’s profile information to restrict access.


When we originally set up the company profile, we decided to set a restriction so that only people from the USA could see the page, as the company only operates in the USA. The restriction was definitely the culprit and now without it people can now view the page whether they are logged into Facebook or not.


I’m not sure when Facebook made the change, but I’m positive that this wasn’t the case when we originally set up the profile. Anyone else have some info on this?

Facebook Updates Fan Pages

You may have noticed that there have been some changes to the fan pages. The layout now looks very much like personal profiles. Right now page owners can choose to upgrade to the new design, but on March 10th all pages will automatically be upgraded.

Blackbird e-Solutions Fan Page

Here are some of the new features:

  • Receive notifications when fans interact with your page or posts.
  • A place to showcase photos along the top of your page. Unfortunately though, the ability to set the order that the images appear like you can with personal profiles is not available.
  • A news feed for your page.
  • The ability to surf Facebook and Like and post on other pages as your page.

There’s No Hacking the New Facebook Pages Photo Bar

You may have noticed that Facebook recently upgraded their Pages. Actually the full upgrade will happen in March, but page admins have the option to upgrade now. Check out the changes to our page: Blackbird e-Solutions on Facebook. The new changes are meant to make pages look more like the new profiles that Facebook rolled out a few months ago. Many people discovered that there was a hack that you could do with the images at the top of their profile to make a bigger more interesting banner across the top. You can see some examples over at Reface.me. The bad news is it isn’t going to work for the new pages.

The five most recent photos that you have published or tagged your Page in are displayed randomly at the top of your Page. As a Page admin, you can prevent specific photos from appearing at the top of your Page. Remember: This row only contains photos you’ve posted or tagged your Page in; photos from people who like your Page won’t show up here.

We’ll see, maybe they will change this to match the personal profiles, so companies can be more creative when building their pages.

Facebook Allows to Access User’s Home Address & Mobile Number

In the latest privacy debate surrounding Facebook:

Facebook Allows Developers to Access Users Home Address & Mobile Numbers: Read the Facebook blog post announcing change

This could be something potentially dangerous, as a large majority of people don’t understand the privacy settings. When adding an app you will be prompted to allow the app to access your data, as in the image below:

Adding a facebook appClick image to enlarge

Yes, it is true you have to give the app permission. However, outside of removing all personal info or not adding apps, it does not appear you can stop FB from sharing your private info. There is an option in Account->Privacy Settings->Customize Settings, then under “contact information” where you can configure who sees this info. You can set this to “Only Me”, but this is for people viewing your profile not for applications.

facebook contact infoClick image to enlarge

If you look at the privacy settings for individual apps they include “Access my contact information”and then under that “Online Presence”. What exactly does that mean? For most apps this is also required.

Facebook application settingsClick image to enlarge

There are discussions about the benefits of using Facebook’s open graph as a way to surf the net without having to register/login, and some say (obviously including Facebook) allowing developers access to your address and phone number helps this. But do we really want Facebook to control this?

Not all apps ask you for this information. So, at this point the best thing is to be diligent in evaluating apps before you add them. If they do ask for your address and mobile phone number, make sure you trust the maker of the application before clicking “Allow”.

Another important question to ask:

Why do app developers and ultimately advertisers need this information?

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook Returns to 60 Minutes (videos)

Mark Zuckerberg sat down with Lesley Stahl today to talk about Facebook and to release their new profile page design. If you missed the live broadcast you can watch it below. Let me know what you think of the new design in the comments.



60 Minutes Overtime: Your New Facebook Page: A Tour of The Redesign

New Feature for Facebook Public Profiles: Post Insights

If you administer a Facebook public profile you may have noticed a new feature Facebook snuck in on us called Post Insights.

Post Insights shows you the data for each post in the form of “Impressions” and “Feedback“. Impressions is how many times the post shows up in your fan’s news feed or when someone views the profile’s wall. Feedback is the number of comments and likes per impression. This gives you a quick idea of how many times your posts are being viewed and how well they are being received. Which can help with deciding what is working and what’s not.

The data is visible right below each post.
Facebook Public Profile post insights

Visit our page Facebook Public Profiles for more information about public profiles.

Facebook Removing Boxes from Public Profiles

Facebook LogoLast week Facebook announced to administrators of public profiles, that they will be finally be removing Boxes from public profiles on August 23, 2010. The Boxes will be replaced with “Applications Tabs. The idea is that it will simplify navigation and reduce complexity of the profiles. The move was also announced on the Facebook Developers Blog. Read the post below:

We announced plans last October to remove application boxes and application info sections as well as reduce the width of application tabs to optimize for the new profile and Facebook Pages format. We will be moving forward with these changes the week of August 23 and want to help you understand what to expect.

Based on feedback from developers, we have committed to the following plans to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Boxes. We will notify users via messaging in profile boxes and in the Help Center that the “Boxes” tab, boxes on profiles and Pages, and application info sections will be going away.
  • Application Tabs. Next week, we will give Page admins the ability to preview their custom tabs in the new 520 pixel width so they can modify their layouts as needed. All profile and Page tabs will be resized automatically beginning the week of August 23.

These updates are designed to simplify navigation for users, reduce complexity for developers, and enable us to build the next generation of tools for growing your business with Facebook. Subscribe to the developer blog to learn about our new roadmap in the coming weeks.

Fran, a Platform product marketing manager, is busy updating the roadmap.

Read the blog post on Facebook: Profile and Page Roadmap Update

Need help with your company’s Facebook Public Profile? Let us know, we can help.