FC Blackbird in Pole Position Heading in to Second Round

Our men’s soccer team heads into the second round of the spring session at the top of the table. Tonight they play the Spartans, which they defeated by 3 goals the first time around. Let’s make it two times!


Kick-off is 7:55. If you’re in East Petersburg stop in at Lanco Fieldhouse support the team!

FC Blackbird to Play in Keystone State Games March 6, 2010

We are entering our over 30 mens team in the Keystone State Games indoor soccer tournament again this year. In 2008 we won the bronze and in 2010 we took the Silver. We’re hoping to continue our success this year too! The tournament is played at the Lanco Field House in East Petersburg

For more info please visit our team site FC Blackbird – Keystone State Games – March 6th, 2011. Our first game is at 4:20. The tournament is always ahead of schedule, so follow us on Twitter @FCBlackbird and @BbeS for updates and game times.

Come out and support the team!

Looking for more info on the tournament? Check out Central PA Soccer

FC Blackbird to Play in Second Annual Be A Fan! Tournament

Be A Fan Tournament

We are entering a coed team in the 2nd annual Be a Fan! tournament. The tournament will be held on the 21st of August at Lanco Fieldhouse. Our games will be between 1pm-7pm. As soon as the schedule is out I’ll post it her and under Schedule. Come out and join us for the fun!

Check out the team site: FC Blackbird


Vuvuzelas for Everyone!

If you have been watching any of the World Cup games in South Africa you have certainly heard the buzz of the controversial vuvuzela. The vuvuzela is a traditional horn that was used to summon distant villagers to attend community gatherings. It is now become a part of soccer(football) matches in this years World Cup in South Africa. There’s been a lot of controversy around them including discussion of banning them. Personally I wouldn’t mind a ban. All you can hear at the games now is the incessant Bâ™­ buzz and the chants and cheers from fans that distinguishes what country they support is drowned out. I did notice that in some of the more recent games the crowd managed to at add a little rhythm to the buzz. Or at least a pulsing buzz.

But, if you have become so accustomed to the droning in your head that you want it part of your everyday life. The bright folks over YouTube might just have an answer for you. They have now added a Vuvuzela button to all their videos. Down on the lower right you will see a small soccer ball icon. Click on the icon and all is good buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Vuvuzela button on YouTube

I bet that guy in the back is wishing he had a Vuvuzela button.

FC Blackbird Wins Silver in Keystone State Games

On Sunday March 7th our premier soccer team FC Blackbird participated in the Keystone State Games (KSG) at Lanco Fieldhouse in Lancaster, PA.

KSG is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1983 in order to promote amateur athletics in PA. (www.keystonegames.com) Every year they host an indoor soccer tournament for adults and for the past three years we’ve entered a men’s team. In 2008 we took the bronze and this year we bested that by winning the silver.

FC Blackbird Wins the Silver

FC Blackbird Wins the Silver

The day started off with a slow start and a 0-0 tie on the small field. (Lanco has 3 fields. Two the same size and one that is considerably smaller) We were then surprised by a team out of Philadelphia, Tavolino and lost 0-3. For our third and final game in the preliminary round, we decided to change our strategy and finally found the back of the net to win the game 2-0. This put us second in our bracket. So, we would have to face off against another local team, Epic Photography in the first round of playoffs. We blanked them with another 2-0 victory and advanced to the semi-finals against CASL out the Elco area.

In the semi final game we struck first taking a 1-0 lead only to end up down 3-1. We climbed back to a tie, with the third goal coming in the final seconds of the game. So, we were headed to over time! The rules of the tournament state that in the case of a tie, the goalie is taken off the field and both teams play with only four field players. So, the object is to be the first team to shoot. We had the kick off and started toward the goal. We took a shot that was blocked, but Pahn who was playing forward, stole the ball from the defended and pounded it home for the win! Next stop the finals and CASL headed to play for the bronze.

Our opponent for the final turned out to be Tavolino, the only team that had bested us earlier. The game went back and forth. We were tied at 3-3, but in the final minutes Tavolino scored a fourth goal to take the lead. Then with a little over a minute, one of their players was ejected with a red card for cursing at the ref. We tried to take advantage of the numbers advantage, but they held on with four on the field to win the gold 3-4.

All in all it was a fun day and we managed to survive with out any injuries. (Last year we suffered a number of injuries.) Plus, we came home with the silver medal!

Go on FC Blackbird!