Vuvuzelas for Everyone!

If you have been watching any of the World Cup games in South Africa you have certainly heard the buzz of the controversial vuvuzela. The vuvuzela is a traditional horn that was used to summon distant villagers to attend community gatherings. It is now become a part of soccer(football) matches in this years World Cup in South Africa. There’s been a lot of controversy around them including discussion of banning them. Personally I wouldn’t mind a ban. All you can hear at the games now is the incessant Bâ™­ buzz and the chants and cheers from fans that distinguishes what country they support is drowned out. I did notice that in some of the more recent games the crowd managed to at add a little rhythm to the buzz. Or at least a pulsing buzz.

But, if you have become so accustomed to the droning in your head that you want it part of your everyday life. The bright folks over YouTube might just have an answer for you. They have now added a Vuvuzela button to all their videos. Down on the lower right you will see a small soccer ball icon. Click on the icon and all is good buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Vuvuzela button on YouTube

I bet that guy in the back is wishing he had a Vuvuzela button.

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