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John Wanamaker, known to many as a “pioneer of marketing,” once said;

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Now imagine a world where you knew how many sales you could close, just by the amount you spent on online marketing.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy Solutions do just that!

Use holistic marketing solutions to track ROI

What's your ROI?

The way it works is a very simple formula, and to get started all you need are a couple of things from your sales team.  How much is a new sale worth and the conversion rate from leads to sales.

Calculate the return

Once you have this information, we can look at the formula outlined in the diagram below.
If start from the bottom and move up; What do you need to do to land 10 new clients?:

Calculate the return


  1. Determine or define the average value of a new client or sale. (Let’s use $1,000)
  2. Next, if you know your typical close rate (We’ll use 50%)
  3. Then you can figure out how many leads you need to get 10 sales. (In this case, you need 20 leads)
  4. Then we would figure out the percentage of visitors that become leads. We’ll use 1% here. So then you need 2,000 visitors.
  5. So finally, we would use our online marketing tools to drive 2,000 visitors to your website.



calculating your ROI diagram 445

As you can see, using this formula you’ll be able to see exactly the return on your digital marketing investment!

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We may use a variety of marketing tactics in your digital strategy to help you achieve your best ROI. Our best strengths lie in these four tactics.

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