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social media makes you smileSocial media marketing has taken the marketing industry by storm. Companies are using it to connect with their customers and potential customers, for customer service and much more.

People have been using word of mouth since commerce began, but today we have platforms that have expanded word of mouth further than ever before. Some of these platforms include Facebook, TwitterLinkedInStumpleUpon, YouTube etc. These platforms have created what could be called “word of mouth on steroids”.

How can you take advantage of this online phenomenon?

Why are major companies moving their marketing dollars from traditional media into social networking media and platforms? Is social media just a fad? How can you take advantage of this online phenomenon? These are great questions, and the bottom line is; social media is here to stay. .



How we do it.

Our Social Media Consultants will work with you and your company to define your goals and objectives. We’ll help you find the social networking platform that works best for your company, because social media campaigns are not a one size fits all solutions. For some companies LinkedIn works best, for others Facebook and Twitter are better fits or maybe other social networking platforms. After evaluating the what, why, who and where, we’ll develop a plan that is unique to your company. Check out our Social Media Flowchart

Social Media Consulting.

So your internal staff excited about social media, and they are ready to tackle the new campaign. Great! We can integrate into your team so they can harness our networking expertise, helping them structure their efforts and guide them with implementation.

Dedicated Social Media Consultant.

You know you want to utilize the power of social networking to engage and capture clients online, now you can get started with your very own Dedicated Social Media Consultant. You don’t have to learn new strategies, buy e-books or attend training sessions. All you have to do is sign up and get started promoting your business online.

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 Full Service Social Media Solution.

Using the social media plan we developed with you, our team can take ownership of the campaign and spearhead implementation, giving you the time to do what you do best. Run your business! We will work in tandem with you and your company to accomplish the goals and objectives we developed together

 Social Media Education and Training.

Need to educate your staff about social media platforms? We can help you there. We have a number of different training courses to cover everything from a basic introduction to social media for business to in depth user training for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. We can facilitate remote or onsite training.

 Create Your Own Social Media Platform.

Does your organization or business need it’s own platform for interactions between members or employees? We can develop a custom platform for you that includes features such as social networking, blogging, document, video and photo sharing and much more! Ask us about our community solutions.

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