Five Tips for Searching with Google

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Google has a lot of features that you may never have heard about. Here are 5 lesser know ways to use Google:

1. Google as a dictionary.

If you use the ‘define’ before any English term, Google will quickly give you a definition at the top of the results page.

2. Don’t wait for the six o’clock news Google is your new weatherman.

Just type ‘weather’ followed by the zip code or name of a city and you’ll get up to the minute conditions as well as a four-day forecast at the top of the result page.

3. Tilde for broader search results.

Using the ‘~’ before your search term will deliver pages with the search term a its synonyms.

4. Get more bang for your buck.

By using the ‘Preferences’ link, found to the right of the search box on the Google homepage, you can personalize your Google experience. Among other things you can change the standard setting for the number of results shown on each page to 10, 20, 30, or more.

5. Google on the go.

From most US mobile phones you can text GOOGL or 46645 with a query and the search giant will message you back with instant answers.

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