Does the Age of Your Domain Affect Your Search Rankings?

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Search results are affected by the use of keywords on the page, the number of sites linking to the site, the page rank of the linking sites as well as other criteria. There have been rumors and discussions about using the age of a domain. Microsoft has aparently Microsoft has filed a patent to do just this.

Ranking Domains Using Domain Maturity
Invented by Janine Crumb, Krishna C Gade, Rangan Majumder, Vishnu Challam
Assigned to Microsoft
US Patent Application 20080086467
Published April 10, 2008
Filed October 10, 2006

The price of registering a domain has really come down and some domain registrars offer free trials. What they are trying to deter is spammers that buy cheap domain names and create what’s is called link farms, which can artificially boost the rank of a site. The adverse affect is that newer domains that are not linked by older domains will appear to be penalized by the search engines.

This topic has been discussed in numerous forums. Check out what they are saying at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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