Get More Exposure for Your Website and Company Name: A LinkedIn Tip

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I use LinkedIn regularly. You can find me here. Bryan Coe As an entrepreneur and a business owner I use it to promote my business. I’ve noticed that many people are missing out on a simple way to increase exposure for their company name and website. There is an option to display your website on your profile. When you edit this you have several choices.

linkedin edit website view

Most people choose the “My Website” or “My Company” or any of the “My whatever” choices. Then you are stuck with it showing on their profile this way too. If you choose “Other:” you are given the option to give it a custom title (see above). Then it looks like below.

linkedin website profile view

This looks more professional and shows off the real name of the website you are linking. It helps increase the keyword density for your company name on the page. It also gives you a more relevant link back to your site. Both things are important factors for placement in search engine results. You could even use keywords in the title for a better link. In my case Localization or Translation would be good.

Want the printable version of this post? Get More Exposure for Your Website and Company Name: A Quick Tip For LinkedIn Users

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