Big Brother / Your Facebook Friends – Now Everyone Knows Where You Are

Not only does big brother know where you are at all times.. Now, so can all your Facebook Friends

Using the location-based social network Brightkite you can now let all your Facebook friends know exactly what your doing and where you are. Brightkite’s recent integration with Facebook using Facebook Connect allows Brightkite users to automate their location updates to Facebook. The integration was made official last night with the Brightkite blog announcement.

Users can update their Brightkite status from a computer, on their phone using SMS or email or with a mobile application. Now, you can set this to immediately update your Facebook status.

How do you make it work?

1. On Brightkite visit your Account Settings, click on the Sharing tab.
2. Authorize Facebook by clicking the link next to all 3 steps.
3. Choose your Facebook cross-posting options and click save.

Brightkite developers promise that this is only the beginning of their Facebook integration plan.

Facebook Connect released only last May has gained a lot of traction with other web sites and applications. Some examples are Twitter (microblogging) and Digsby (instant messaging application)

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