TriStarr Staffing and Blackbird e-Solutions Kickoff New Social Media Plan

I’m excited to announce that we kickoff the new social media plan we create together with TriStarr Staffing for Tristarr Staffing.

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We have been working with TriStarr Staffing for quite some time, we first started with helping them optimize their new site and the relationship has continued to grow. About a year ago we helped them set up a Facebook page and got them started them with blogging. They also set up a Twitter account. As 2009 went on they realized they needed a bit more help to bring a full social media plan together, and make it a unified effort. They wanted to engage with their clients and potential clients better and reach further. So, Scott came to me looking for help.

We sat down together with TriStarr and discussed their goals and objectives that they wanted to achieve with social media. Then together we came up with a social media plan that fit their needs. Some aspects of the plan include bringing various social media platforms together and getting them in sink. For example: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. We also created a process for their new jobs. The process captures their new jobs, puts them into a feed and posts them to Twitter and Facebook. This happens twice a day so their fans and followers will be first to find out about the new jobs.

Today we will be kicking off the new social media plan and doing some training. The training will layout TriStarr’s objectives and help get everyone on the same page. We will also be covering the various tools that are available for the various social media platforms they will be using.

You can follow, become a fan and find out anything else you want to know about TriStarr Staffing in the following locations online:

Twitter: TriStarrStaff
Facebook: TriStarrStaffing
LinkedIn: TriStarr Staffing Company Profile

Blog: TriStarr Staffing Blog

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