Search Engine Optimization Myths

SEO is a tough field. Here are 3 Search Engine Optimization Myths that should help understand a bit better.

#1 Search engine optimization is magic and website optimization professionals use secret tricks to get high rankings.
It is true that there are a many aspects that go into how websites are ranking in the search engine results, but that does not make it magic. Like any field it takes time and effort to learn how the search engines work, but there are no secret tricks. Anyone that claims they have “tricks” to get your site ranked is probably doing something that could get your in trouble.

#2 Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are the enemy.
In fact it is quite the opposite and this one ties into myth #1. All three search engines have webmaster guidelines that can be found on their sites. Only when you are doing something that doesn’t follow their guidelines does your site get treated like an opponent. They want you to succeed!

Yahoo! Search Content Quality Guidelines
Guidelines for successful indexing: Bing
Google Webmaster guidelines

#3 You need to submit your website to 1,000 search engines to achieve a high ranking.
This is one of the oldest myths. 1st where are all these search engines and where do they get their data? Anyone that wants you to pay for a service like this is not looking out for your best interests. In fact they are most likely spamming the search engines, which could get your site penalized or completely removed from their results.

Actually there are not many true independent search engines out there. Check out this tool to see how they are all intertwined. Search engine Decoder.

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