Will SEO Be Around in 5 Years? Matt Cutts Says “Yes”

With the new launch of Google Instant there’s been a lot of talk about how it is going to kill SEO, or the need and ability for SEO professionals to effectively optimize websites so that they rank in Google’s SERPS (search engine results).

Some people are going as far to say it is an SEO killer. I don’t agree. Just because people may adapt how they search because they are shown results in real-time as they type doesn’t mean that Google is changing their algorithm or that creating good content using keywords that correctly represent what your site/page is no longer relevant. Google will still evaluate your content with its algorithm and rank it as it has done before. And guess what I’m not alone, Matt Cutts of Google agrees.

Check out the following video to see what he has to say.


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  1. Great post! I’m new to SEO and am unsure how Google Instant is going to affect what I do. I found an article about Google Instant by a Phoenix based firm, Liberty Interactive Marketing which made me think a little more about it. I am definitely going to play with it because it could be something that could be beneficial in the long run, only time will tell. I don’t think that it will cause SEO to go away!

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