Where Do You Get Your News?

I participated in a poll today on LinkedIn: Where do you usually get your business news? Before selecting my choice I could have guessed what most people would answer, but I was quite surprised at how clearly lopsided the results were.
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where do you get you business news?

You do have to consider that this is a bit of a one sided poll. I would venture to guess that the people that responded are above the average when it comes to using the internet. Someone that only gets their news from print is less likely to be using LinkedIn and to actually participate in the poll. It would be interesting to see what the professions of the respondents are. Or if there was some other way to set up a control group. Anyway, the data does make a great argument for why businesses need to be online with almost twice as many people getting their business news online as apposed to offline.

Link to the poll: How do you usually get your business news?

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