How To Use LinkedIn to Connect Like a Pro

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It happens quite often that I receive connect requests through LinkedIn from people I don’t know, where the sender only sends the standard message:

I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

Bad LinkedIn Request

Don’t get me wrong I appreciate that someone found me interesting enough to send that request. However I wonder about the value of the connection if they don’t feel the need to introduce themselves in anyway.

This is similar to going to a networking mixer and handing people your business card and saying, “Here’s my number. Call me.” Ok, I admit may have heard that in a song. It sounds pretty strange though, right?

If you really want to have success with LinkedIn and build a useful network of connections, it’s simple. Personalize your messages! I guarantee you’ll get more responses if you do.

Here are a couple of simple introductions you could use.

Hey Paul,
We have several contacts in common so I thought I’d introduce myself. I run an interactive marketing company and one of our core products is SEO. I’d love to connect and hear more about you.

I noticed we are both in the Social Media Marketing group on LinkedIn, so I thought I’d connect with you personally too. It’s always good to know others in the industry.

How long would it take to type one of these? Plus you might learn something about the connections.

After all LinkedIn is for networking and building relationships, not collecting numbers.

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