Don’t Fall for Automated Reputation Management Services

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So this totally sounds like a scam. The fact that Mashable posted this makes me lose a bit of respect for them as well. This is the title of the post on Mashable:

Change the Top Google Search Result for Your Name for Free

This is supposedly a service from Norton. Norton can’t guarantee what will show up in SERPS for your name by simply putting your name into a form created by Norton, unless it is paid advertising. There are something like 6 or 8 people with the exact same name as me in the US. What if we all sign up for this service? Who gets to be on the top then if there is no money involved? Using ‘Todd Wasserman’ is a poor example if for no other reason than the fact that he is a writer for Mashable.

Furthermore the article referenced about “me on the web” is very misleading as well. Google doesn’t offer a service to get your name at the top of search nor does it offer a service to remove content that they don’t control. Here is a quote from “me on the web”:

“Google doesn’t own the Internet, and we don’t control the content of unrelated sites that appear in our search results. Our search results simply reflect what’s already out there on the web.” You can read more about this by searching “Keeping personal information out of Google.”

They even go further to say that it can only be removed from their results when the problematic content is removed from the internet (i.e. removed from the site where it is found).

So, don’t fall for “services”  like this. The best way to fight unwanted information online is to either contact whoever has posted it and ask them to remove it. Or take control of your online brand by setting up profiles on the major social media platforms, create a blog or website. Then, create interesting content. This will help bring your name to top and push down the competition and unwanted results.

Need help? We can help you create a strategy.  Leave a comment or contact us directly.

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