Do You Use or Third Party Apps?

twitter dollars

There has been a lot of talk recently about Twitter shutting out developers and third party apps. One of the latest casualties has been photo apps. Twitter has removed most third party apps so that people need to use Twitter to post photos.

I think I can understand why they are doing it. They need to find a way to make money. They’ve decided that by creating an advertising platform around that includes promoted Tweets and profiles is the way to do this. The inherent problem they are having is that many people don’t actually go to For example we use Hootsuite to manage our accounts and our clients accounts. We never have to see any of the promoted Tweets or Profiles if we don’t want to.

Another part of the problem is they are not very transparent  about why they are making changes. I actually had a meeting with a Twitter who was trying to sell me advertising on Twitter. I actually posed the question. “Do you have any data that shows a comparison with how many people use 3rd party apps as apposed to” She ignored my question and I never received an answer. I’m guessing because it was not favorable to their advertising plan.

So my question is:
Do you use or 3rd party apps when you use Twitter? 

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