AdWords Tip: Adwords Account Limitations

We often have clients ask what the limits are to AdWords. It usually happens with larger companies or e-commerce sites that have lot’s of products. They start adding keyword, campaigns, adgoup or ads and they start to google adwords worry they will run out of space. The truth is, most advertisers will never even come close to maxing out the limits on their account.

Typically though, if for some reason your account is getting close to one of the limitations. Google will send you a notification to let you know that you are about to hit a limit. The most common is the number of keywords limit.So, the number of keywords in an adgroup.

Below you’ll see the list of limitations published by Google:

AdWords account limits

These are the limits for an AdWords account:

  • 10,000 campaigns (includes active and paused campaigns)
  • 20,000 ad groups per campaign
  • 10,000 keywords per ad group
  • 300 display ads per ad group (includes image ads)
  • 4 million active or paused ads per account
  • 5 million keywords per account
  • 10,000 location targets (targeted and excluded) per campaign, including up to 500 proximity targets per campaign
  • 100,000 active ad extensions per account
  • 1.3 million references to ad extensions per account


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