Our Website Should Work as Hard as Our Sales People

sales team

We hear this often from clients and prospects. The problem is many companies believe if they build a site it will sell by itself. Unfortunately this is rarely true.

Yes, websites can replace salespeople and I’ve definitely seen this happen, but it doesn’t just happen on its own. Building a website then forgetting about it in most cases just doesn’t work. This mentality could be equated to renting an office in a cool building in a high traffic location and then not staffing it with anyone. Maybe you have a sign that says what you do and a button that says “buy here.” But really, how many sales do you think you’ll make?

Without some sort of plan for getting people to the site, no plan for what to do with them once they are there and no one to manage the site, it becomes the proverbial tree that fell in the woods.

So if you’re going to invest money and time in an office (website) then make sure you invest the money and time to market and manage it. Only then can you think about it working as hard as your salespeople.


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