SEO is no Longer About Keywords

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(SEO) Search Engine Optimization is no longer just about Keywords, it is about “searcher intent”.search intent or user intent

Searcher intent (also known as “user intent”) is the reason a person has for entering a query through a search engine.

It used to be you just had to find the keywords people searched for and add them to your copy and you were golden. However, Google has become much better at understanding why people search not just what they search. Understanding and optimizing for YOUR customers’ intent is critical for SEO and getting found online. There 4 types of intent:

  • Informational Intent
    • Info about the weather, info about educating kids, yoga classes near me, your business’ hours. They have a specific question or topic for which they are looking for answers.
  • Navigational Intent
    • People with the intent to get to a particular website. People who search “Planet Fitness” or “Target” are typically looking for the company’s site.
  • Transactional Intent
    • This is a search with the intent to buy: Samsung phone prices, deal, buy, discount.
  • Research Intent or Commercial Investigation
    • This is when people are researching for a purchase or for the best gym. Sort of the midway between Informational and Transactional

So yes, you do need to think about keywords, but you need to think about what “intention” you are trying to fulfill before you can determine what your content should be about or how to best optimize for your target.

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