Duplicate Content – Digital Marketing Term of the Week

computer screens with duplicate content on them

Duplicate Content is when the same content is found on a website or multiple sites across the internet.

This is a follow up to our earlier post this week where we said “there is no penalty for duplicate content,” but it can be problematic.

There are many reasons why you might have duplicate content. Some are mundane others are mistakes or problems with your site. The worst is a case of someone stealing your content.

Errors or Oversights

  • Moving from a non-secure site to a secure site. HTTP and HTTPS
  • Improper configuration of www and non-www
  • Trailing slashes vs no trailing slashes
  • Index pages not consolidated


  • Trailing slashes vs no trailing slashes
  • Index pages
  • Pagination, such as in blogs


  • Country/language versions


  • Content crated from site scrapers
  • Simply someone copying your work

Check out more examples over on Wikipedia.

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