We’re All Just a Bunch of Cousin Its – Gender in the English Language

I have to admit. I like that many languages still distinguish between feminine and masculine words. Especially when discussing people. I think by removing the gender awareness in language is a deterioration of the language. In the English language in the USA, why is everyone now an actor or a server. Equal rights? With the […]

Google’s Efforts to Create Natural Language Translation Tool for Speech – Discussion

On the linguistic side it is very difficult to imagine that a machine can replace a human.. ..On the technology side it is a great and exciting challenge to create a tool that can intelligently translate language in real time.

Think Locally in Every Way Possible – International SEO

I just commented on an article over on Search Engine World. Check it out

Not Knowing English Can Get You a Ticket

Federal law requires that anyone with a commercial driver’s license speak English well enough to talk with police.

German/English Translators: Sammelaktion: Bulk Action vs Batch Process

I first came across Sammelaktion translating.editing a ERP software package. The previous translator used the translation collective action.

Native English Speakers In Demand

It seems that the EU is having difficulties with finding enough Native English speakers for interpretation and translation.. ..’If we don’t do something very soon, there will be more
and more non-native English speakers obliged to interpret into English,’

Home Sweet Home: A Mother’s Guide to a Career at Home as a Translator

The article by Joanna Diez focuses on the important aspects of working as a translator at a home based office. This will be a short guide to this job for translators, who have children and who, realistically speaking, are mostly women and mothers.

China Seeks Gold Medal in Language Services

With the lead up to the Olympic Games in China the Bejing Olympic Planning committee is ramping up it’s efforts regarding regarding language issues.

Is Google Going To Take On The Localization/Translation Industry Too?

Looking beyond its existing business, Schmidt says “the next big thing” for Google could be online translation services.

Oh How the French Love to Hate English

Oh how the French love to hate English… but there does seem to be a disturbing connection here…