Net Neutrality Takes a Blow

After reading the article, I’m again frustrated that so many people (apparently including some judges) don’t understand the severity of the issue.

Net Neutrality — A Letter to US Senator Arlen Specter

After seeing the news article “FCC rules Comcast violated Internet access policy” I was reminded of the importance of net neutrality. So since I’m located in Pennsylvania, I decided to right US Senator Arlen Specter.

Language Learning Meets Social Networking

The latest addition to the networking site realm is language learning. Language sites have been popping up recently and becoming quite popular. Two example are Soziety and xLingo.

Yahoo! Go 2.0: A Big Disappointment

Like many people in business I have a smart phone. I don’t have a blackberry, instead I have the 8125 pocket pc from Cingular(now AT&T). The phone is a life line for business. It keeps me connected at all times where ever I am….
…However, my primary personal account is a Yahoo! Mail account. I use Yahoo! Mail suite for a lot of things including business….
…Yahoo! is seemingly trying to emulate the functions of the iPhone. That might be a good idea if the software was integrated into the phone. Right now, that is definitely not the case…

Is Google Getting Too Big For Comfort?

These days it seems that Google has it’s hands in everything. Their latest interest is the radio frequencies that the FCC is auctioning. The frequencies is used for the old UHF television spectrum. Google sent lobbyists to Washington in order to give a hard push for Google’s interests.