Full Screen Ads? Bad, Bad Idea!

We work with our clients to help them get found online. That often means using paid search or media to get their message out. These avenues work very well and are great way to track who’s seeing your ads and the ROI (return on investment). We’ve seen many different ways that advertising platforms have tried to grab […]

Black Friday Mobile Sales Up 128% – Is Your Site Mobile Optimized?

According to a study by Branding Brand mobile,  in 2012 sales saw an increase of 128% on Black Friday compared to 2011. This shows that mobile is definitely here to stay.  This number isn’t about mobile visits, but sales, so these stats could have a direct effect on your bottom line.  The study only looks at […]

A Holistic Approach to Web Development, SEO, Social Media

The Protocall Group Selects Blackbird e-Solutions for website development We are proud to announce that one of our oldest and best clients has chosen Blackbird e-Solutions for their website development as they re-brand from Protocall Staffing to The Protocall Group. The project was initiated earlier this spring because their current website, developed in 2007, is […]

YouTube Update: The New Google. Does “Don’t be Evil” Still Apply? – Part 2

This is the second entry of our series about the changes at Google and Larry Page are making a lot of changes as we head into 2012. Decide for yourself if they are still following the “Don’t be Evil” mantra. Read the first post in the series here: The New Google. Does “Don’t be Evil” […]

Is Crowdsourcing as Smart as We Hope?

Yesterday, I came across an interesting Peta Pixel: Why You Shouldn’t Give Too Much Weight Too Anonymous Online Critics, and it got me thinking. Briefly, here’s what what the the post was about: In 2006 a guy name André Rabelo submitted the photo below to group called DeleteMe!, where members of the group vote on […]

Virgin Logos: Branding or Arrogance?

I was talking with a client to day, and we were discussing a logo for one of their new divisions. The client found a logo from a another company that they really like. I liked it too. However, to me it doesn’t fit in with the rest of their branding. So, I wasn’t sold on […]

Amazon Web Services Goes Down and Takes a Multitude of Sites With It

Early this morning Amazon Web Services started experiencing a problem in one of their data centers in Virginia. Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing service from Amazon.com. Many online platforms and services use Amazon’s service to host data for their online applications. It’s been reported that the outages were caused by a networking event. […]

Love These Commercials – Chrome Browse as Fast as You Think

Did you get all the sayings on the first go?

Developing a Search Friendly Site (video)

Yesterday I posted about Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. If you learn better by reading check out the guide. If you learn better with videos check out this video to learn the basics of search friendly development beginning to end, including: Using Flash and JavaScript Headings and adding content Using Robot.txt files and sitemaps […]

SEO for Beginers by Google (Google’s SEO Started Guide)

Are you just getting started in SEO? Are you a professional that wants a refresh on the basics? Guess what, Google has you covered. Google recently updated their Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide(pdf). The new version includes More and clearer examples to help you understand. Definitions of terms through out the guide. Tips for optimizing […]