Virgin Logos: Branding or Arrogance?

I was talking with a client to day, and we were discussing a logo for one of their new divisions. The client found a logo from a another company that they really like. I liked it too. However, to me it doesn’t fit in with Virgin Logothe rest of their branding. So, I wasn’t sold on creating something similar.

I could have just said, “Yeah, I like it too. Let’s create something for you new division that looks like that.” That would be the easy route and I’m afraid that’s what other consultants have told my client in the past. There has been talk about creating a group that would encompass all their divisions and companies. With this in mind I decided to recommend we take a step back and look at how the new division’s logo fits into the image of the whole group.

One of the companies that I admire is Virgin, and something they are great at is branding. If you look at all the companies that are part of their network, almost all of the companies that carry the Virgin name use the name Virgin with the same font somewhere in their logo.

By including this simple piece in every logo it makes their brand recognizable. It doesn’t matter what the company is, people will recognize it as part of the Virgin organization. Right away the consumer has an idea of what to expect. You can see a number of the examples below:
virgin company logos

What do you think? Is this a good example of branding or arrogance?

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