3 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Landing Page Experience

A key element of with internet marketing is landing pages. We follow the concept your website is the center of your online universe, so your online marketing should be driving traffic to where you do business online: Your website! You don’t want to just send qualified traffic to a random page or just to your […]

Internet Marketers Did Not Invent Content Marketing

Did you know content marketing is not a new concept?   In 1900 Michelin created the Michelin Guide. This is an actual book of content that was used to inform and educate customers. They created a value to customers and potential customers, which in turn created trust. The books included ways to maintain your car as […]

Content Marketing: The Evolution of Online Marketing

We are at another turning point for online marketing. In the past year Google has reaffirmed the old mantra “Content is King” by updated their algorithm to penalize sites that were using SEO trickery to gain higher placement in search results. Think Panda and Penguin Updates. The advice coming out of the Googleplex has been […]

Killer Online Marketing for 2013

So your New Year’s Resolution was to have a killer online marketing plan for 2013… Now what? Great online marketing doesn’t happen by accident. You need to have a plan. There also isn’t a one size fits all solution that can be copied. Over the next few months we will help you achieve your goal […]