Now Is The Time To Strengthen The Digital Foundation of Your Business

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What is the heart of your online digital presence? Your website! Here are 6 best practices for onsite SEO to secure your foundation.

  1. Meta tags: Make sure your titles and meta descriptions are unique enticing and relevant to what is on each page. I.e. keywords.
  2. Page/site speed: Make sure your site is optimized for speed. This can be critical. If your pages load slowly visitors are more likely to leave before they see the page and Google could potentially give you a worse ranking because your pages are slow. You can use Google’s Free Page Speed testing tool to see where you need improvement.
  3. Duplicate content: Make sure your pages have unique content and you don’t have duplicate content showing on multiple pages. While this is will not cause a penalty it could mean that search engines will just not show your page in search results because they can’t figure out which one is the original.
  4. Relevant Headings: Headings (i.e. H1, H2, etc) are important to break up content to make it more readable and to define what will be in the copy preceding the header. This is important for readers. And guess what, while they are not specifically looking for keywords, It’s important for Google too.
  5. Alt-text for images: Add relevant alt-text descriptions to your images. This is what will show if your
  6. Most of all make sure you are creating useful, timely, quality content.

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