How To: Set a Customized URL for Your Facebook Business Profile

I had a few people ask me recently how to get a personalized URL for their company page on Facebook, so I thought a I’d do a quick post about how to do it. So here goes. Before you start, some words of warning. You need to have at least 25 likes to claim your […]

Facebook Personal Profiles vs. Business Pages – You’re Doing it Wrong

Facebook Profiles – You’ve Been Warned! There has been a lot of talk recently about personal profiles versus public or business profiles. I’ve noticed a lot of discussions popping up about converting personal profiles that people set up for a business to a business page. The buzz was presumably started by the fact that Facebook […]

Facebook Updates Fan Pages

You may have noticed that there have been some changes to the fan pages. The layout now looks very much like personal profiles. Right now page owners can choose to upgrade to the new design, but on March 10th all pages will automatically be upgraded. Here are some of the new features: Receive notifications when […]

There’s No Hacking the New Facebook Pages Photo Bar

You may have noticed that Facebook recently upgraded their Pages. Actually the full upgrade will happen in March, but page admins have the option to upgrade now. Check out the changes to our page: Blackbird e-Solutions on Facebook. The new changes are meant to make pages look more like the new profiles that Facebook rolled […]

Facebook Removing Boxes from Public Profiles

Last week Facebook announced to administrators of public profiles, that they will be finally be removing Boxes from public profiles on August 23, 2010. The Boxes will be replaced with “Applications Tabs. The idea is that it will simplify navigation and reduce the complexity of the profiles. The move was also announced on the Facebook […]

The Benefits of Universal Search

Universal search has actually been around for some time.. Even though it has been over 3 years since it went live, many companies, SEO firms and marketing agencies are still not taking advantage of it.