How To: Set a Customized URL for Your Facebook Business Profile

I had a few people ask me recently how to get a personalized URL for their company page on Facebook, so I thought a I’d do a quick post about how to do it. So here goes.

Before you start, some words of warning. You need to have at least 25 likes to claim your URL and you can’t change it once you set it.

First head over to In this example you’ll see I’m setting up the URL for Central PA Soccer, a site about soccer in the Central PA area. You can also set your personal profile URL here.
Facebook Custom URL Setup

If you have more than one business page, use the drop down to choose the correct page. Then enter the URL you would like in the box below the page name. Then hit the button to “Check Availability.

Facebook custom url availability

Then you will get a confirmation notification like the one below.

facebook custom url confirmation


That’s it, your done! You now have a brand spanking new URL, that you can start using for your companies Facebook page.

Want to know more info or do you need some help? Try Facebook’s Username Help Center


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