RockMelt: A New Way to View the Internet

Marc Andreessen, the guy that revolutionized the internet back in the early 90s with Netscape, is backing a new startup browser that changes how you view the net. It brings social media, search and web browsing into one platform, creating a new surfing experience. Check out the demo video! Read more about the browser: Web […]

The New Information Age and the Rise of the Marketing Technologist

In the last few years technology and the internet has changed the face of marketing from blogs, to videos, to social media platforms. You now have to understand a host of different types of technology to be able to market effectively. Check out this presentation it gives a good overview of the new type of […]

The Week in Review: e-Life 7/31/10-8/6/10

A recap of this weeks posts and tweets. 7/31/10-8/1/10

Net neutrality: New Talks With the FCC, Google and Verizon

What do you think? Should broadband providers be allowed to regulate traffic? Or should net neutrality prevail?

How the Internet Makes our Lives Better

What ordinary ways has the internet simplified life? Driving directions, travel information, banking, movie information/ticket purchase..

Cable and Phone Companies Crying Like Babies.. Again

This just has the stink of monopoly all over it.

Wondering if Social Media is Powerful? Check Out This Video

The power of social media.