Facebook Updates Privacy Controls: Streamlines Inline Privacy Control

“New: Control privacy inline – when you post or after.” With Google’s new Google+ network Facebook has been forced to look at their privacy setting and tools again. Their reaction has been to update how you can control your privacy settings. Below is a quick pictorial tour of how the new tool works.   Who […]

Facebook Allows to Access User’s Home Address & Mobile Number

In the latest privacy debate surrounding Facebook: Facebook Allows Developers to Access Users Home Address & Mobile Numbers: Read the Facebook blog post announcing change This could be something potentially dangerous, as a large majority of people don’t understand the privacy settings. When adding an app you will be prompted to allow the app to […]

Microsoft & Facebook Team up to Make Search More Social – 4 Things You Should Know

Recently Microsoft has been creating relationships that will give their search engine Bing more market share. The deal with Yahoo and Bing that was announced earlier this year, went into effect recently and is a major consolidation of the search industry. Next up Facebook. The idea is to bring what your friends “like” on Facebook […]

How Are You Going to Respond to the Facebook Privacy Issue? (Poll)

What are you going to do? Please answer the one question poll below.

Worried About Your Facebook Privacy Settings? Help Has Arrived!

If you are confused about the new settings or you’re not sure how to deal with the privacy policies, there is help; ReclaimPrivacy.org

Facebook and Your Privacy: How to Opt Out of Instant Personalization

The one thing that does kind of bother me is that by default the new settings are set to share your information with sites using he api, but it is very easy to opt out if you are concerned with companies having access to your information. Here are the steps:

Your Facebook Friends May be Giving Away Your Privacy

So, if you are using Facebook. I highly recommend thoroughly going through your privacy settings and educating yourself as to what you are actually sharing.