Google Realtime Search Gets a New Home with New Tools

Last week at a Lancup a local Tweetup in Lancaster we were discussing search and a number of people commented that they noticed real-time search was not showing up in their regular search results. Well guess what, that’s because Google has given real-time search a new home. The page is Or go to the […]

Social Search: Google Turns Search into a Social Experience

It’s no secret that the worlds of social media and search are becoming more and more entwined. Today companies are building up there social networking presence to create place where they can communicate with others in the industry as well as clients and potentials. While this in itself is a huge change in mentality for […]

The Benefits of Universal Search

Universal search has actually been around for some time.. Even though it has been over 3 years since it went live, many companies, SEO firms and marketing agencies are still not taking advantage of it.