Bing is Still Growing Strong – Do You Use Bing?

According to comScore Bing continues to grow and eat away at Google’s market share. In the last six months Bing has grown from 11.2% in September 2010 to 13.6% in February 2011, a total of 0.5%. Inversely there has been a 0.2% drop in Google’s share. Microsoft’s newly found buddy, Yahoo, has held steady, while […]

Microsoft & Facebook Team up to Make Search More Social – 4 Things You Should Know

Recently Microsoft has been creating relationships that will give their search engine Bing more market share. The deal with Yahoo and Bing that was announced earlier this year, went into effect recently and is a major consolidation of the search industry. Next up Facebook. The idea is to bring what your friends “like” on Facebook […]

Yahoo Japan Dropping Own Search for Google Search Engine Technology

Although, a comparatively small market if the deal goes through Bing could really lose out in Japan.

It’s the Google Age Dummy – Protect Your Personal Brand

everyone is Binging, Yahooing and Googling each other.. ..Is there anyway to make sure people find what you want them too?

Google Still Clear #1, but Bing Now Tied with Yahoo Search

Does Bing have a chance of ever catching Google though?

Search Engine Optimization Myths

It is true that there are a many aspects that go into how websites are ranking in the search engine results, but that does not make it magic.

McAfee Report: AOL Safest Search Engine, Yahoo! Most Dangerous

The study includes the top five search engines Ask, AOL, Google, MSN, and Yahoo!, which account for about 93% of searches. Search safety was analyzed using the over all Mcafee SiteAdvisor ratings as rating specific types of dangers: browser exploits, e-mail, downloads, scams, annoyances…