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The Protocall Group Selects Blackbird e-Solutions for website development

We are proud to announce that one of our oldest and best clients has chosen Blackbird e-Solutions for their website development as they re-brand from Protocall Staffing to The Protocall Group.

The project was initiated earlier this spring because their current website, developed in 2007, is badly in need of a refresh. Protocall first provided an RFP to more than 10 development firms. Then after the first round of screening, they narrowed the competition to a short list of three.  After each of the three firms delivered a short presentation of their capabilities and vision of how to create a phenomenal online presence for The Protocall Group, we were awarded the contract!

One of the main deciding factors was our holistic approach. With the development of the new website, we will be able to streamline Protocall’s overall online presence by better linking it with their social media properties on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. The social media properties will not simply be profiles and pages on various platforms, but extensions of their website where they can engage employment candidates as well as clients.

To complete the loop we’ll also be providing website analytics reporting in order to see how their website and other properties are performing.  As we do with every site, we’ll be developing the site with SEO best practices, as well as optimizing the content for SEO.

Here’s a list of the services we provide for The Protocall Group:

  • Social Media Consulting
  • Website Development
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Search & Social Advertising
  • Website Analytics and Reporting

We are VERY excited about the opportunity to work with the The Protocall Group to develop their new website as well as continue our existing relationship and project. The expected launch date for the new website is December 2012.


10 Things Organizations Need to Be Comfortable With When They Start Using Social Media

How comfortable is your organization?

  1. Releasing control to allow the community to grow organically.
  2. Being open with communication about organization and products.
  3. Encouraging community members to discuss products and services.
  4. People saying bad things about the company and being able to respond objectively and openly.
  5. Others writing content for the community.
  6. Asking for honest feedback, even if it is negative.
  7. Getting community members in touch with the staff that can help them.
  8. Employees talking with community members as real people and not using scripted monologues.
  9. Volunteers helping to moderate the community.
  10. Employees spending time interacting and engaging your audience.

Can you think of any others?

Introducing TriStarr Staffing’s New and Improved Blog

I’m happy to announce the launch, or I guess I should say “re-launch” of the TriStarr Staffing blog.

TriStarr Staffing is one of our oldest clients. We’ve worked with them in many different areas of internet marketing including; SEO, Social Media, Website Analytics and Pay Per Click Adverting.

Today we are launching their new and improved blog. TriStarr’s previous blog, which we launched on January 23, 2009, was hosted on the free blogger.com service. The new blog is integrated into their main site with the sub domain: blog.tristarrjobs.com.

TriStarr Blog

Use this link for TriStarr Staffing Blog RSS feed.

Way back when we launched the blog in 2009 Scott Fiore wrote a post setting his goals for the blog and a little bit about the company. I’d like to share it with you here:

My trusted web advisor has convinced me to set up a blog. I’m old, and don’t really understand this stuff, but agreed to give it a try. What I hope to do is post news and other stuff here that may help people in their job search, career, etc.

We’ll see how it turns out.

Here’s a little about TriStarr.

TriStarr works with leading employers throughout Lancaster, Harrisburg, and York, Pa., giving you access to some of the most desirable administrative jobs available. We can help you secure temporary employment or a full-time, permanent position. At TriStarr Staffing, we are always on the lookout for experienced and motivated administrative and professional/management talent—high caliber individuals with a “get-it-done” attitude and the skills to back it up. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place.

Scott, it’s two years later and so far so good! I’m looking forward to working with you to build on the base we’ve created so far. So, let’s get blogging!

Central PA Staffing Firm, TriStarr Staffing Experiences Success Through SEO

We first started working with TriStarr Staffing about 3 years ago, when they contracted us to collaborate with the web design firm that was building their new site. We used our knowledge to ensure that the site was built for SEO success from the ground up. Since then we’ve helped them with Social Media, Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Website Analytics; basically they’ve taken advantage of whole line of services.

Last week I received a simple email from the VP, Scott Fiore:

“Bryan – just to let you know – another new client yesterday – found us through a Google search.”

Then a follow up from the President, Joan Paxton:

“Bryan – I am so pleased with the results that we are getting from Google!”

The new client was searching for a staffing company that could provide them with administrative staffing solutions.

This is certainly not the first time Joan and Scott have shared their excitement about the success of their website through SEO. In fact the site performs so well, that they have told me they look at the website as having another salesperson on their sales team. Except this one works 24 hours, 7 days a week!

I love when our clients are successful because of the work we do!

WordPress MU – BuddyPress and Events Manager *Bug Fix*

I’m working on an install of WordPress Multi-User including BuddyPress for a client. I know, I know. We’ve been trying to hold on until WP 3 comes out, but we can’t wait any longer. For those of you that don’t know BuddyPress is a plugin for WordPress that adds social networking functionality to WordPress.

Anyway, I have been trying to install the plugin Events Manager, but unfortunately it has been causing some problems. I finally figured it out so I wanted to post it here. It’s not actually a fix, but more like a work around. Hopefully it will save others a bit of frustration. I also posted this on the forum for the plugin. Events Manager Forum.

I’m running a test version on another domain so I can make changes before the live version. I after seeing a post asking why there was no change log to the new version of the plugin, I realized I upgraded it when WP said there was a new version available and didn’t think about it much. So, in my test version I uninstalled version 2.2.2 and reinstalled 2.1. Guess what it worked again. So, I went over to the settings page and all the defaults were there. For some reason when you install/upgrade to 2.2.2 it dumps out all the defaults including the page title. I then copied and pasted the setting from 2.1 into 2.2.2 and it works fine now. Follow the link below for a pdf that shows the default settings.

Events Manager 2.1 default settings.

TriStarr Staffing and Blackbird e-Solutions Kickoff New Social Media Plan

I’m excited to announce that we kickoff the new social media plan we create together with TriStarr Staffing for Tristarr Staffing.

TriStarr Staffing Logo
We have been working with TriStarr Staffing for quite some time, we first started with helping them optimize their new site and the relationship has continued to grow. About a year ago we helped them set up a Facebook page and got them started them with blogging. They also set up a Twitter account. As 2009 went on they realized they needed a bit more help to bring a full social media plan together, and make it a unified effort. They wanted to engage with their clients and potential clients better and reach further. So, Scott came to me looking for help.

We sat down together with TriStarr and discussed their goals and objectives that they wanted to achieve with social media. Then together we came up with a social media plan that fit their needs. Some aspects of the plan include bringing various social media platforms together and getting them in sink. For example: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. We also created a process for their new jobs. The process captures their new jobs, puts them into a feed and posts them to Twitter and Facebook. This happens twice a day so their fans and followers will be first to find out about the new jobs.

Today we will be kicking off the new social media plan and doing some training. The training will layout TriStarr’s objectives and help get everyone on the same page. We will also be covering the various tools that are available for the various social media platforms they will be using.

You can follow, become a fan and find out anything else you want to know about TriStarr Staffing in the following locations online:

Twitter: TriStarrStaff
Facebook: TriStarrStaffing
LinkedIn: TriStarr Staffing Company Profile

Blog: TriStarr Staffing Blog
Website: TriStarrJobs.com

Blackbird e-Solutions Releases Beta-Site for X-Treme Health Products

On a cold snowy day in February a new site was born. While many people were snowed in and the north eastern United States grinded to a halt, we were getting ready to release a new website for our client: X-Treme Health Products.
X-Treme Health Products Logo
X-Treme Health Products sells organic health products that help with health problems ranging from obesity, asthma, infections to general health. The products are developed by a Michael Combs a master herbalist and biochemist from Colorado. You can purchase the products online and have them shipped to your house.

In mid December Kim and Ron from X-Treme were introduced to me from by a mutual friend and they told me they were ready to start a push with there organic health products business. They needed help with updating their website and marketing their products online. We teamed up, worked quickly and developed a plan of attack. Then, on Wednesday, February 10, 2010 the first stage was completed and we launched the beta-site: www.x-xtremelifeline.com

As we continue to work together we will see changes and additions to the site, as well as other places on the web. So, stay tuned and join to see how X-Treme Health Products grows!