Building a Website & Getting it Found Online is Not a “Once & Done” Tactic

I just read a great article about what business leaders must understand about SEO and Online Marketing. Here are a few of the things that the author discussed:

  • Offline and online marketing go hand in hand
  • Small changes to your site can have a big ripple effect.
  • Mobile is more than just making your site look good on mobile devices, it’s also about the user experience

But the quote below really hit home. This is the area where I spend most of my time educating clients and potential clients.

SEO isn’t just a one-time implementation of website changes. It’s a strategic initiative with many moving parts. Fixing things locally isn’t enough. Google looks at things like social signals, authority back links and user trust to rank websites. These can’t be easily manipulated or fixed through shortcuts.

Building a website and getting it found online is not a once and walk away tactic. There are many factors that go into keep your site at the top of search results: Search engines change their algorithms, competitors change their tactics, people change their behavior… Just to name a few. Building a site and letting it sit for several years, even several months can quickly ruin any success that you’ve seen.

seo management

Online Marketing, and in particular SEO, is like any other part of your business. You need to manage it to be successful. After all you wouldn’t let your accounts receivable go for months or years without looking at it would you???

So how do you manage your SEO? Here are few suggestions:

  • Implement a reporting plan. Make sure you are running some sort of website analytics on your site. Run regular reports and then study the data.
  • Monitor the keywords that are important to you and how you rank for them.
  • Carefully plan how to improve your ranking using tactics such as, onsite changes, blogging and content marketing, social media promotion, paid search, etc.

Is your head swimming? Not sure what to do first? Start with a Website Audit!

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5 Steps to a Successful Online Marketing Program

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  1. Be clear about your goals for the program. 
    If you don’t know your goals, you will never know if you are successful or not. Sit down and really evaluate what you want out of your online presence. Do you want more eyeballs? More sales? Are you trying to replace a channel you used previously.
    A good example of replacing a channel is with newspaper classifieds. Some time ago staffing companies realized classifieds were not as effective as they once were, so they needed to replace the channel with online traffic.
  2. Plan for the Long Run
    Marketing takes time. Moving your site to the top of search results doesn’t happen overnight. Connecting with your clients and potentials via social media takes more than setting up a Facebook page. You have to build relationships. Don’t look for a quick fix or always chase the hit “viral campaign.” That’s like throwing a Hail Mary pass ever play of the game. Plan to build a lasting online presence. Usually the quick solution is just as quick to die as it was to start.
  3. Be Creative in Order to Connect
    Think outside the box. The best way to stand out online in any field is to show your added value. Don’t do something just because everyone is doing it, leverage what your company does better than everyone else and get creative with how you present it.
  4. Follow the Numbers
    The proof is in the data. Make sure you have some sort of way to quantify your online efforts: Website analytics software, social monitoring tools, etc. If you aren’t tracking the response to your marketing you’re flying blind!
  5. Be Flexible
    Not everything is going to work all the time. However, if you’ve established your goals, you’re in it for the long run and you’re tracking your progress, you should be able to adapt to any changes or challenges that come your way. With this you will be able to create a successful online marketing program. So, remember: Evaluate and iterate, evaluate and iterate.

Your Turn

Do you have any tips for creating the best online marketing plan? Let us know in the comments.

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Our Website Should Work as Hard as Our Sales People

sales team

We hear this often from clients and prospects. The problem is many companies believe if they build a site it will sell by itself. Unfortunately this is rarely true.

Yes, websites can replace salespeople and I’ve definitely seen this happen, but it doesn’t just happen on its own. Building a website then forgetting about it in most cases just doesn’t work. This mentality could be equated to renting an office in a cool building in a high traffic location and then not staffing it with anyone. Maybe you have a sign that says what you do and a button that says “buy here.” But really, how many sales do you think you’ll make?

Without some sort of plan for getting people to the site, no plan for what to do with them once they are there and no one to manage the site, it becomes the proverbial tree that fell in the woods.

So if you’re going to invest money and time in an office (website) then make sure you invest the money and time to market and manage it. Only then can you think about it working as hard as your salespeople.