A Scathing Article About Apple, Google and EBay – But is it Wrong?

apple logoI just read an article over on the Forbes.com site titled: Why Apple, Google And EBay Will Slash And Burn Investors. At first glance you might think it is just a bit of sensationalism intended to get pageviews. OK, maybe the title is, but then again you need a good title to get people interested.  Right?
After reading the article though, the question comes to mind, “Are they wrong?” My gut tells me no.google logo Technology and innovation continue to advance at breakneck speeds and if a companies get caught sleeping and not innovating, they are doomed to fail.

Last week I spoke about social media and woman in the audience asked me, “What is your prediction for the future.” The best answer I could think of was, “without continued innovation the companies that are ebay logobig now will most likely be beaten by someone we’ve never heard of. I mean look at what happened to MySpace.” I had to laugh though, if I could predict the “next big thing,” I’d be a rich man!

In the end my best advice to Apple, Google, EBay, Facebook and all the innovative tech companies is: innovate or die.

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